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Real hot girl scripture, yeah I am in my word and I pray too, and that’s why every time you see me I got a conviction for you. EEHHH! Hahahaha, what’s up my darlings, and Megan if you are reading this, please don’t sue. I don’t have the money! But just like anyone else, I hope you enjoy this blog. MWAH!

This blog is dedicated to anyone that is curious about having a relationship with God.  Think of it as a “so you want to have a relationship with God, here are things you should know”. This interview will consist of questions like what/who to believe in, how to start reading in the bible, what to stary from in your new life, what to do when you struggle with temptation, etc.

When I gave my life to Christ about a year and a half ago, I didn’t have all the answers. Not saying I have all the answers now; but having a friend, sister, role model, and someone to disciple me all in one was a gift from God. I am talking about the legend and loving, Purshia Gambles. She was the one that interviewed me when I decided on being baptized and she has not left my side ever since. Purshia has taught me how to read the bible, how to love people well, how to keep my curls right, and so much more. I have mad love for her and willing to fight anyone on sight that disrespects her name. I couldn’t think of anyone else to interview for this piece so let’s get into!

Can you share a little of your testimony?

“I believe that I came to know that Jesus died (and rose) for my sins (and this meant that I could go to heaven) when I was around 5 or 6. But I wouldn’t say that my relationship with God had any feet to it until college. I heard the gospel message for real and began to have a hunger for God, the Bible, and a desire to live the way God calls people to. I knew I was different and I was called to live differently in college. I also became aware of my sins and true need for a Savior in college.” 

What does it mean to have a relationship with God?

“I believe that to know God means to have placed faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and to have repented (or turned from) our sinful nature. The gospel is the good news that Jesus was the true and only Son of God, He came down from heaven, was born of a virgin, lived a life fully absent of sin, and died the death that we deserve in order to free us from the threat of eternal separation from God the Father (hell). Then, 3 days after he died on a Roman Cross, Jesus rose from the dead showing that anyone who would have faith in Him would also conquer sin and death in gaining eternal life (heaven). This not only changes your eternal destiny but also your life here on Earth. You die to yourself and your own way of living to live for GOD. This is an everyday, practical life that involves falling in love with Jesus and His will more and more each day. We live in this hope here and now knowing that someday, Jesus will return to Earth and restore the earth to the way things were before the Fall of humanity in Genesis 3.”

What to believe?

“We are called to believe that God is real, Scripture is true, and Jesus is coming back. In this truth, there is so much hope. When we believe this, we know that God is always with us and we are held tightly in Him. Our past is forgiven, our present is hopeful, and our future is secure. This is one of many reasons to have so much joy and peace.”

What are some expectations vs reality in choosing to have a relationship with God?

“I think the greatest expectation is that God will take away all of your life’s problems if you trust in Him. THIS IS SOOOOOO NOT TRUE. Many Scriptures in both Testaments of the Bible point to this. Job, David, the Apostles, and Jesus were all aware and empathetic to the suffering we endure. They each knew God WELL, but when it came to their suffering, very rarely did God free them from it. But, He gave them the encouragement that He was with them in the suffering and that none of their sufferings was pointless. For many of them, their suffering led to a deeper knowledge and love of God. God doesn’t promise to fix all of our promises, but He does promise to grant endurance and hope in the midst of it.” 

How to start reading the bible?

“Like anything, I think it’s important to start on our knees, praying. I usually ask God to grant me patience, and spiritual focus as I seek to spend time with Him in His word. Then I study. Whatever someone is reading, having the context of that Passage/Book/Chapter of the Bible is really important and helpful. Who, what, when, where, and why of the Bible. This can be found through getting a study bible, as well as Bible resource websites like The Bible Project (Check them out on Youtube they’re great!) and Blue Letter Bible. Also, you can learn from leaders and staff members within the church. Part of the mission of the church is to equip the saints for the work of ministry. This is that!  Practically, the best way to start reading the Bible is…just to start. You won’t know what you need to learn or search for until you try. Get around some other people to read the Bible with and start asking questions about what you’re reading. It’s hard, and confusing and frustrating at times, but it’s so so so worth it.”

Where to start reading in the bible?

“I think the best place to start in the bible would be one of the gospels. Which is the new testament, it’s the first four books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Most people say the book of  John is the best first book to investigate in the bible, and I agree. It really illuminates who Jesus is and you want to read every other word of scripture through the lens of knowing that this is supposed to point me to Him. It’s through those lenses you explicitly see in many cases the birth, life and death and resurrection of Christ and then everything else you read in the 62 books in the bible.”

What to stray from?

“I think it’s important to stray from anything that draws you from Jesus. This could range from small things to big things, but if it proves to be an obstacle to your relationship with God, snip it like split ends. As far as relationships go, have an inner circle and an outer circle. The inner circle is for the people in your life that really know you well, love you better and will consistently point you to Jesus. The outer circle is for pretty much anyone else. I want to stray from saying a complete list of things to avoid, because the list is never really complete when it comes to our sin and because every person is different so we have different temptations. “

What motivates you to keep you going?

“I think the biggest thing that keeps me going in my relationship is trusting that Jesus ultimately ran the race for me. So whether I feel like I’m killing the game in this whole Christian thing or I feel like it’s killing me…my own performance doesn’t matter. God saved me, that that also means God will keep me saved. I also fight to believe that Jesus is worth laying down my comfort and selfish desires and have people close to me to remind me of that. Inwardly, I also believe that the Holy Spirit is dwelling in me, always pushing me toward God and away from myself. “

What happens when you struggle or relapse?

“It’s super fitting that you asked “when” I struggle or relapse, and not “if” . I’m human, so this happens. Often. John Calvin once said that our hearts are idol factories, meaning that there is an unending flow of competing desires trying to take the top spot reserved for Jesus. This sometimes leads me to sin in the very ways I told God I wouldn’t. But I have to remind myself that God loves me no matter what and that nothing I do (or in all creation, for that matter) could ever separate me from him in Christ. When I sin, I confess (to God, and to my community of other Christians close to me) and repent (or turn from) whatever sin I have fallen into. Then I fight to believe the Gospel is greater than my sin. I remind myself that I have been forgiven. Fully.”

Who to ask for help?

“I spoke in an earlier question about the Church. Well, this is where you go for help. The church is full of broken, needy, and sinful people. People that God has changed in huge ways, and is still changing. Find a healthy, faithful church and get plugged in. Bring your mess, your questions, your baggage and hand it over to Jesus and other Believers and watch what God does in and through you. If you don’t know where to start, here’s my email: I would love to help in any way I can!”

Choosing God was and is the best decision I have ever made in life. For anyone that is thinking of choosing to live for Christ please don’t believe what satan whispers in your ear talking about “you are too far gone, no one could ever love you because of what you have done,” and any nonsense of that sort. If you feel like you have lived according to the flesh and it is just not hitting the way it used to. Baybeeee it’s time to get with the winning team!  You will move differently, your heart will get softer, you will see the world in a new light. Is it easy? No. But, I guarantee you that it’s worth it.

Until the next time my darlings,


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