it’s your gut honey…

Hello my darlings, and welcome back to another blog post. This is going to be short and sweet. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m professional or know too much on this topic. This is simply something I added to my life because it makes me feel good and responds well to my body. I am solely speaking from my experience. ‘Kay now that you can’t sue me, let’s get it!

First thing is first, this is a health is wealth stan account. That’s mentally, physically, and spiritually. Whether you’re holding yourself accountable for bad habits, going to therapy, being active in any way you can, or spending time in the word, etc. Today let’s get physical!

Y’all, good healthcare should be a right but it’s a privilege because you know, capitalism, Big Pharm, and all the greediness that comes in between. I have had chest issues for a long time and never knew the root of that issue.

The first time I went to the emergency room, They did some tests, and gave me a prescription for some really strong Ibuprofen. They said it was normal and that it would go away. Last year, my chest pains made another appearance and I went to an emergency clinic. They said I had asthma. I got an inhaler. This year it happened again, but this time I have health insurance, and it turned out to be bad acid reflux. I got prescriptions then additionally I was sent to a specialist. I have a vocal cord dysfunction that can be triggered by acid reflux.


For years I have been trying my best to stay active, eat healthily but regardless of these habits, I was never treating the issue. I was treating the symptoms but not the issue itself. My gut.

When I found out that I had acid reflux, I got three prescribed medications for two weeks and my doctor told me that I needed to change and add some things to my diet for my gut. It wasn’t the first I had heard of gut health but it was the first time I was going to take it seriously. I needed to add probiotics and anti-inflammatory meals to my diet. My doctors recommended a good amount of things to try but what I struck to was kefir, kombucha, and Greek yogurt.

Darlings, “70% of our immune system resides in our gut.” There is so much stuff in our stomach area that if something is wrong there, it can affect other parts of our body. That’s what was happening with me. “Our digestive system is home to 500+ different types of microorganisms. The majority of these contribute positively to human health and are called probiotic.” Kefir has probiotics that can help with many digestive issues. Sure helps with mine! The same is said about kombucha and yogurt.

Healthcare is a privilege and it sucks. I am here using that new privilege to advise y’all to start caring about your gut health. View your body is a temple. If one thing is off, imagine how it can affect other parts of you.

Some gut-healthy foods you can consider adding to your diet are yogurt, kefir, miso, sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough, almonds, olive oil, kombucha, peas, brussels sprouts, bananas, garlic, and ginger. Lastly, THIS IS AN OATMEAL STAN ACCOUNT. I have been seeing my OG favorite getting a lot of hate on twitter and I just don’t understand why. It too is gut-friendly.

Health is wealth my darlings. Educate yourself about gut health and then do something about it. Here are some articles to help you start that journey!

Why Gut Health Matters

Kefir Vs Yogurt: Which one is healthier?

Kefir: The Cultured Dairy Beverage You Should Be Drinking

Until next time,


A huge thank you to Lifeway Kefir for sponsoring this blog post and providing the stas. Agustygirl too for the stas. Thank you to Audra Beaty for editing.

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