Three Cities in Seven Days!

Alas, another Spring break has come and gone, so let’s take a trip down memory lane through my spring breaks past!

My Freshmen year, I didn’t do much! I went back home, shout out to the best city ever Dallas. I saw my family, got to spend time with sisters and saw that one uncle that shows up once in a blue moon. I also remember going to the Zoo. Other than that adventure, I really don’t remember much of that break, only laughter, and home-cooked meals.. oh and lots of Netflix. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of my time at the zoo but there is one of me, my sisters and uncle on the way there!


Sophomore year, I went on a road trip to New Mexico with a group of friends for a couple of days. It was me, Emily, Fola, Ola, and Ike. Ike suggested we go to New Mexico so he would get some more pictures for his portfolio. Emily was a trooper because she handled where we would sleep and I am pretty sure that she budgeted for gas as well and drove there and back herself! There were offers to take turns driving but she didn’t accept, plus when she was ready to trade we were all asleep. Me, Ola and Fola provided that gwap (money). In New Mexico, we went to the White Sands Desert, Carlsbad Caverns National Park and to every thrift shop we came across along the way. This trip was full of deep conversations about relationships, money, passions, marriage, food, etc. It ended with a great meal at A Caribbean Place (that was seriously the name of the restaurant and it is located in Carlsbad, New Mexico), a sing-along to some old school R&B and more deep conversations. It was my first ever road trip with just friends so it will always hold a special place in my heart. These pictures were taken by the one and only Ike Dike.


This year, I went from Austin to San Antonio and ended my trip to Dallas. I was in Austin for three days, San Antonio for a full day and then Dallas for three days. During my trip to Austin, my goal was to satisfy all my Austin cravings! My top three places to eat are Tacos 3 Mayes, Teji’s Indian Restaurant, and Cooper’s Old pit BBQ! I did get sidetracked with Gourdough’s, a few coffee shops, among other places. I also had a small picnic at Zilker Park, Mayfield Park which is also known as the Peacock Garden, and I  finally got to check out the graffiti park, that’s sadly about to shut down. The whole time I was at the Peacock Garden, I was praying that one of the peacocks would shed a pretty little tail feather for yours truly but my prayer was not answered. After one last trip to Tacos 3 Mayes, I was off to San Antonio!


The last time I was in San Antonio I  was with my family and old friend going to Sea World which was in middle school. I am a junior in college so it has been a hot minute. In San Antonio, I  dined at the Hard Rock Café. Darlings, I paid $15.95 for a burger and let me tell you…it was absolutely worth it! Sitting there by the river walk and eating the hickory barbecue bacon cheeseburger, I felt so content in the moment. Every bit was like a blessing from God himself!  Plus my waitress was amazing, I’m really big on customer service so I had to put that out there! Anyway, my trip to San Antonio slowly turned itself into a “treat yo self” trip. The next day I visited La Cartenda so I started swiping that card down and up…on small purchases that lead to a $0.00 balance in my checkings account the next day. Mind you, I had a full budget going into spring break. My small purchases included Godiva Belgium chocolates ($6.50 for four pieces of chocolate). May seem crazy but that chocolate was divine so no regrets! Mario Badescu rose water, this small bottle is $7 but I treated myself to the $12 bottle. Then macaroons from Bakery Lorraine for $14.95 and a very overpriced BLT for $10.82. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed with the sandwich but the fruit on the side and macaroons made up for it. After that meal, I ended my trip at the Japanese Tea Garden and it was absolutely beautiful. So thank you, San Antonio, for those 24 hours!


Four hours later I was in DALLAS, also known as home, the best city in Texas, better than Houston, the list can go on and on. Nothing will ever beat my five-year-old sister’s face and hugs when I come home. Hanging out with my sisters was really fun and very much needed. I didn’t eat out because, after those 24 hours in San Antonio, a queen was broke, but we thank God for home cooked meals! So it was rice every day with a different sauce to go with it. As far as adventures, it was just bonding time with the littles. Which made for a happy Soms, which wrapped up my spring break for this year.


Lessons I learned this Spring Break included: 

  1. Stick to your budget or else you will wake up broke…if you go overboard like I did.
  2. It is okay to treat yourself but know your limits unless you got it like that and there are no limits.
  3. Refer to lesson one!

I hope y’all had a great spring break, until next time my darlings!


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