Soms Takes Austin.

For anyone that knows me, they know how much I love the city of Austin. I spent the summer of 2017  there and it was the best summer of my life! Anytime we have a break from school, I always make it a priority to stop in Austin. I know what made my stay in Austin so memorable and fun was the fact that I was discovering it with an amazing childhood friend of mine. She goes by James. An intelligent, beautiful and independent soul for sure! I will not sit here and type that I am an Austin expert because I am not. I still have so much to explore in this city but these are my go to’s for food and activities if you ever find yourself in Austin. 

First thing’s first…FOOD!

888 Pan Asian Restaurant


The restaurant is located on top of a hill, and the walk definitely was worth it because the food was amazing. They had a great menu with a lot of choices, so I’m sure they have something for everyone. I ordered one of the currys, sadly I forgot what it was called but I promise it was delicious.  Plus they serve great portions, so I had leftovers! James(it’s one of her favorites) goes to 888 a lot and she has yet to be disappointed so your taste buds are safe.



The full name of this restaurant is called Teji’s Indian Restaurant and Grocery, and it is located right across from The University of Texas. The food isn’t the only thing that’s good here. The customer service is so fantastic. The owner is very hands-on, so I got the pleasure of him taking my order and serving me himself. Plus he is kinda funny so that was a fun interaction. I always order the butter chicken or the chicken tikka masala and when I have the extra cash, I get the naan bread. The portions at Teji’s are great and with every meal, you get an order of rice. A must if you are in the city.

Tacos 3 Mayes 

Tacos 3 Mayes

A Mexican food truck, right next to a gas station. They had weird hours but oh my goodness, this place is so worth your time. I always either order a torta or some tacos whenever I go and every time it’s a 10/10. The food is ALWAYS prepared fresh. I found this out the hard way when I was in a rush and they told me that they make orders as they take them. Of course, it was worth the wait, this place is just amazing and I always make the stop for my torta and tacos.

Cooper’s Old Pit BBQ

Cooper’s Old Pit BBQ


IF YOU LOVE MEAT, THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU! So this place was my first encounter with a BBQ joint and oh my gosh, it was unbelievable. I had to wait in line for like 30 mins but when I saw the pit of meat, I was content. I ordered the brisket and some ribs then got beans and some veggies for free. There is also a bar in this place and a place to eat outside if you are up to it. The prices are a little high but we are talking about Austin so it is what it is, but again super worth it. Cooper’s Old Pit BBQ is located in downtown Austin. Again if you love meat, this place is like heaven on earth.

There are other places that I enjoyed but if I commented on everywhere I went this blog would turn into a book so I’m just gonna list them: Snooze A.M. Eatery, Juan in a Million, , Gourdough’s Caroline Restaurant ( make sure to check out Caroline’s Upstairs too), Hopdoddy, Lick Honest Ice Cream, Magnolia Cafe, Irene’s, Halcyon, Guero’s Taco Bar, and Cabo Bob’s! That is all I can remember from the top of my head. 

Before hitting 6th Street!

There is so much to do in Austin and most of that stuff is free! During the summer or honestly anytime that I visit, James and I google “what to do in Austin” and thousands of activities show up, and hundreds of activities pop up!

Zilker Park



If you are an outside person, I recommend Zilker Park! Even if you don’t like being outside, you will fall in love with this park! Some actives there were stand-up paddle boarding, and lots of picnics with food from Teji’, Starbucks, homemade food, etc. Halfway swimming at Barton Springs (which is apart of Zilker Park), because your girl can’t swim! Honestly, I was walking the water so I guess I wasn’t swimming.  Heads up, this water is freezing. There are countless things to do here, and usually, free events so look at Zilker Park and see what is going on that day! 

Sound and Cinema 



Catching movies at the Long Center through an event called Sound and Cinema. At Sound and Cinema, you and your company can watch a movie on a giant screen overlooking Austin’s Skyline. Before the movie, there is live music and food trucks, and the movie starts after sunset. Usually, James and I check what movie is playing before going so I would suggest you do the same. It is very easy to find, just google “Sound and Cinema Austin” and you’re all set. All of this for FREE! I mean you have to pay for food but the music, movie, and vibe is free and so fun!

Take a tour of Downtown

Biking In Downtown!

If you want to see the city as in downtown and you don’t feel like walking everywhere, I recommend finding a biking station and hopping on because it is a great way to see the city. There is almost a station at every corner in downtown so it shouldn’t be hard to find. If you don’t want to ride a bike, you can rent a motorbike at Your Biker Gang. Com, which is also downtown.  It is best if you are in a group when renting with this place, just FYI. I have yet to try it but a friend of mine (goes by the nickname Ta) says that it was great and worth it.

Hiking, hiking, and more hiking.



 Anywhere we thought we could hike, we did! My favorite spots were the Barton Creek Greenbelt and Mount Bonnell. It took forever to find Barton Creek Greenbelt but the hike was worth it. And for Mount Bonnell, it was breathtaking. It’s almost as if you are on top of Austin. You get to see the downtown skyline, and if you stay long even a beautiful sunset. Plus Mount Bonnell is surrounded by mansions so that’s always fun too.

Mural Hunting



My favorite pastimes in Austin are taking pictures with the street art. Mural hunting was an activity that I was always down for and I thank James for having the patience to put up with it. I made a mural bucket list with the help of Pinterest, and Google, and I am happy to say that I checked off most of the murals I wanted to see. I bumped into some street art I didn’t know along the way, which made it even more fun. Another place to go to for pictures is South Congress, it’s a whole street dedicated to tourists plus more food trucks! Oh my goodness, I almost forgot, the Graffiti Park! I would get to the Graffiti Park fast because rumor has it that it is closing soon for some odd reason so better make it there quick!




Those were some of my adventures in Austin. I am still getting to know Austin and each time I visit, I fall a little more in love with the place than the time before. Yes… I am always this cheesy. The point is, there is always something to do so pick an adventure and go!


Until the next time my darlings!


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