Som’s Guide to Lubbock: The Eats

Hello my darlings, welcome back to my blog if you’re new here please remember to subscribe to my blog so you are notified whenever I post a new blog and if you have been here before hey homie g! Lol, okay.

About four years ago, I decided very last minute to attend Texas Tech University and when people asked me why. One of the reasons was because it was in the middle nowhere so it would force me to keep my nose in my books. And I kid you not, the first years I didn’t do much and I would complain about how there is nothing to do, no where special to eat, and no activities except fighting the wind on my way to and from class. Y’all the way the wind blows in Lubbock is just DISRESPECTFUL! Moving forward. There are countless tweets about how Lubbock is so boring that college students pick drinking as a hobby. Yikes. Basically what I am trying to say is that Lubbock is known to be very boring, which I believed up until my third year here. Now I am not saying that its the bomb dot com or that its anywhere close to Austin, Dallas or Houston. What I am trying to say is that Lubbock’s more than just its unpredictable weather,  its flat land, dust, yeehaw culture.. Those new to Lubbock or those that have been here and haven’t found an adventure here yet, there are some places and activities that can help you days go by a little faster. Think of this as a little guide to Lubbock…the eats version!

I give you my word that I have been to these places and ordered more than chicken tenders and fries; I can tell that it is absolutely worth it to spend your money there. Also, I am not sponsored by any of these places, so why would I lie? Although, if anyone in Lubbock would like me to talk about their food, please email, because I love good food. Good free food. 😉


For breakfast, go Pancake House, for like a breakfast breakfast. I typed that twice on purpose, it’s not a typo.  Pancake House has yet to disappoint me. I always order some type of omelet with a side of their special potatoes and waffles. Yum! This is my favorite place to get breakfast! Lubbock Breakfast and Grill is also a good spot, the servings are good and so is the food. This was the first local place I ate at and I was blown away, but as the years went by Pancake House has become favorite. Lastly, for breakfast go to Rain Cafe, anything you order will be good but please (and I can not stress this enough) order the orange juice as your drink. You can thank me in the comments below but fair warning to drink that baby slow because they charge for refills with their orange juice. You guys this orange juice is legit straight out of the fruit, into the glass and into your heart. Shout out to that boy Odaro for putting me on! Also, these spots serve lunch and dinner, I think some serve breakfast all day but don’t quote me on that.

Now its lunch/ dinner time! Well, it is Lubbock so I am gonna start it off with a great place for BBQ which is Evie Mae’s BBQ and I advise you to go early because once they run out of food, they close. It’s great food plus you get free beer. Personally, I hate beer but it could be your cherry on top of great BBQ.

Let’s move on to Mexican food. Taquería Autlán, Taqueria Jalisco, and  Taqueria Y Panaderia Guadalajara, when I tell you that these places SMACK…I MEAN  IT! Maybe it’s because all of them have the word “taqueria” in their names… I don’t know but you will not be disappointed. With Taqueria Y Panaderia, they have a food truck and a restaurant so when the restaurant closes the food truck opens and Taqueria Autlan, the restaurant, and food truck are open at the same time. Y’all go give these people your money! Another Mexican place I enjoy is Raspandos Colima. Yo this place is not just super cute it is also very good. I ordered some tacos and a fruit cup. You know those fruit cups with the chile on top! SOOO GOOOD!

Next, we have Indian food. Please and I can not stress this enough, go to Royal Indian Cuisine instead of Tikka Shack. Tikka Shack is just not it after you’ve had Royal Indian Cuisine, the food is authentic, the portions are more than enough and IT IS 100 TIMES BETTER TIKKA. Also for lunch, they have a buffet for $10-15 so for my college students, go hungry and eat your heart out. When it comes to dinner, it’s more of a restaurant experience so you order from the menu. I love that place so much and I am always in the mood for Indian so hit me up and pull up if you’re about it.

If you are craving a big juicy burger head over to Christakis Burger and order the Christakis Burger. It comes with Pastrami and cheese and then you can add your tomatoes, onions, etc. No cap, this burger is not only amazing but it also knocked me out for the rest of the day. 

If you are ever in the mood to get some pho, head over to Saigon Cafe, I have heard about Pho Cali but I yet to try it for myself so go at your own risk. All I know is each time I want some pho I always prefer to go to Saigon Cafe, I have tried I love Pho but it doesn’t hit the same. If you are in the mood to eat some traditional Korean dishes, pull up to Seoul. The atmosphere is great, and you get the food you order and then some! Shout to my girl Annabel because she knew how to order and did the hard work for me and she is the one that put me on. Another must is Thai Pepper! When I tell you that I am always carving, I mean it. I think that Thai Pepper and Royal Indian are on the same level of comfort food craving to me! I always order the special, I think that what its called, its the first thing on the menu. When you go, be either ready for a long line or a short one. I have experienced both, and I will do over and over again because the food is just that good. Next time, I go I am ordering pad thai, I have heard great things!


 For my homies with a sweet tooth please go check out Cake by Distinctive Details and get the pink champagne cupcake. Oh my goodness. It is so good, the frosting is made with champagne, the cake is perfectly fluffy and just perfect. Go buy this cupcake, the only catch is that they only sell these on the weekend and when they run out, they are out. The other cupcakes are great too, this one is the just my favorite. The last thing about this store is when they run out of treats they close the shop, when they don’t they are open till 5. Also, try out The Ruffled Cup Cupcakery and Sweet Shoppe, it too has great cupcakes and other desserts there. My favorite cupcake is the peanut butter cup. Check out Marble Slab Creamery for some great ice cream flavors. I have heard some awesome stuff about Mi Linda Michoacana so I am will be trying that soon, hopefully, it lives up to my expectations.   


Y’all my Lubbock church is called Redeemer Church and we are some coffee drinkers so I had to have this in here. Shout out to my church family and everyone that introduced me into the coffee scene *cough cough* Purshia. So I’m just listing them along with what I order along with their atmospheres. So basically what I have been doing! Laugh out Loud. Gold Stripe Coffee Roaster, they serve a mean chai tea latte that will warm your soul. The venue is small and very relaxed located in Catus Alley. It a cute little scene, super worth it. Next up we got J & B ‘s Coffee,  and I order the Lubbock high. This place is cute and all but usually 9/10 it’s crowded. Regardless it is a great place to hang out, study, people watch, to have a first date, etc. My favorite coffee place to get breakfast is Yellow House Coffee. For their food, I really enjoy their weekday breakfast menu more than their weekend menu. I don’t know what it’s called but the “meal” I order has avocado toast, a fried egg, and cheese ( I think) and I get bacon on the side with a tea. If I get coffee, it’s usually a latte that Purshia orders for me. Sugar Brown’s is also a cool spot, I order the chai tea latte, and they always do this little art in the coffee so that’s cute. Purshia gets the iced latte with coconut milk and I trust her taste so I am putting that in her!  I also order the little Kolache’s they make and those little things are delicious. I prefer to study here because it is less crowded but be warned that there are few tables. They have a patio outside and it’s a cute little scene so check that out on a beautiful day.

Food Trucks: 

Alright, these are food places that don’t have a forever location but can be found at farmers markets and the first Friday art trail. If you can’t make either, go follow their pages on Facebook. They usually post where they will be so you can pull up on em and see what whats up! My favorite food truck that is usually at the Buddy Holly Framers Market is called La Picosita. This is my favorite Mexican food truck in Lubbock. The tacos are food, the tortas are great, the plates they have a good. It’s always a good time!  Next, we have Bella J’s Gelato. The Gelato is homemade and I think they delivery! Last time was buying from them, they said that to me and I was like that’s a bet. Have yet to try it out but they do have some damn good gelato. If you are in the mood for some waffles, hit up Wafflin’. These are Belgium waffles with some great toppings like raspberries, strawberries, Nutella, and all those fixings! They can found on Instagram with the @ name “wafflinlbk”. I saved the best for last, Macaround Macarons.  The best place to get homemade macarons that are very so delicious, you fall in love with each bite. I mean at least I do. You can find this baker on Instagram with the @ name “macaround_macarons”. She is super sweet and is at all the farmer’s markets.

Honorable Mentions:

Alhoa BBQ is a good place to get some food, they give huge portions so if you are running out on dining bucks, broke or just appreciate large quantities of food, pull on them! Red Zone Cafe is pretty good too for some lunch. Tova Coffee House is a cute place to go get some coffee or tea and study. It’s pretty far away from campus, so that was your warning! Keva Juice is a cool mellow place to go and get juiced up. Shout out to Amma for putting me on!  There are a thousand recipes so I am super is there something for everyone! Another cool place with a thousand recipes is Vitality Bowls. They have acai bowls and all this healthy food, berries, shakes, etc. Y’all Keva Juice and Vitality is the places you imagine PTA moms going to after they are done doing their morning or afternoon Pilates. It’s a mood. Thank you, Leah, for putting me on! 

Well my darlings, that all I got for you today. I am still trying out new places and if you are in Lubbock and know of any places, please reach out.  If you try any of these places out, comment below cause I want to know if y’all liked it and if you didn’t. I am sorry I didn’t provide any pictures, honestly, I didn’t take any I was proud of. Check out my “LBK EATS” highlight on my Instagram page for the ones I do have. (@xoxo_soms_)

Until the next time,


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  1. Purshia Gambles says:

    This blog post is good and the coffee section is accurate. My name is spelled wrong though but I shall not sue for defamation.


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