All my guys are Ballaz.

Hello, my darlings!

So cute short story. So back when I was trying to become an accountant (lol), my friend Olamikun asked me what wanted to be. When I said I wanted to be an accountant he laughed at me with disbelief and I asked him why. He told me that he saw me doing something creative and fun like hosting a talk show. Y’all, I’m coming out and saying that hosting a talk show was my childhood dream, I used to watch Tyra’s talk show all the time.

Okay, so why is this important?  It is important because the fact that he saw me doing something that fit my personality and spoke on it gave me the push to start my blog. I have to start somewhere right? I mean I had always wanted to have a blog and had one before this one back in middle/high school but it was private. Him saying those words without even knowing it sparked something in me and now here we are! Thanks to that seed he planted I now have a blog! So shoutout and thank you to Ola!

Since then, the amount of support and love that I have received is so appreciated! Thank you to Ben for helping me start it up and everyone that have proofread all my blogs, from Kayla, Kaitlin, Tolu, Corey and that guy I asked randomly because he was close to me (forgot his name), and everyone else I can’t remember at the moment. Thank you to everyone that has shared my blogs on their stories on Snapchat and Instagram, thank you for the tweets, thank you for sharing on Facebook and the most important thank you to everyone that reads. Y’all…honestly from the bottom of my soul, thank you.

Aight, now that I am out of my feelings, let’s get into this blog ladies and gents! All my friends are ballaz! ALL OF THEM! I have so many talented friends. No, I am not bragging, I am just stating facts. Whether they are just perfecting their talents as a hobby or working hard to making it into a profession, I will support them until the end. Periodt.

I feel like support from strangers and your close friends are so different. At least to me. Having a stranger share with me that they read and enjoy my blog is appreciated and wonderful and pushes me to keep going but getting that same comment from my friends melts my heart. Again both appreciated and welcomed but different.  So with this blog post, I am gonna share some of my friends’ links and social media platforms. Why? Because I want to support them, love on them and I believe in them!


So I am biased and I have to share my fellow bloggers with y’all first! These are some amazing, intelligent, God-fearing women that I love to talk to when I have an issue, or just to talk. I could go on but their blogs speak for themselves. They are very insightful and vulnerable about what they have been through and that’s something I always appreciate! First, we have my lovely Kaitlin Washington. New to the game but her blog has been a long time coming. Her website is . Then we have Chiamaka Duru,,also check out her Pillow Talks on Youtube. Her username is Chiamaka Duru and she will be the only one that shows up so click on her beautiful face and watch those videos! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! Lastly, we have the queen of questions herself Emily Smith, . All these women are a breath of fresh air so go read and be convicted! In a good way.


So fun fact about yours truly, I love a good photo. I get this from my mom, shoutout to Grace. Moving forward, if you are looking for someone to take your graduation pictures, senior pictures, for fun pictures, please hit one of my friends up! They are all professional, talented and will get the shot! They have the experience and are willing to take the time for you to get the shot you want. Plus they all have a different eye so creativity is a given. First and far most I want to mention that her pictures make me want to fall in love. I am talking about the lovely Madi Ingran and her website is – Next is  Ikechukwuj Dike, who is the person that took my cover picture for my blog! He didn’t know it at the time and neither did I, God is funny that way! You can reach him on his website- , he pays attention to every single detail and his hard work pays off because his photos are always so crisp and clean. Finally, my girl Ciara Perozzi, , who is very creative with her photoshoots and her edits are sick! She has so much experience and she a fun human so I can only imagine how fun it is to shoot with her!


Y’all remember that little kid in elementary school that could color circles around your picture? Well, that kid grew up to be Corey Fuller. The homie is very detailed with his work and takes it very seriously. If you looking for someone to make great artwork, like portraits, cover art, etc. Hit him up! Not to brag on him but to brag on him, he is currently illustrating a book! So book him! You can find him on Instagram, his username is @cfull_arts.

The next artist is an upcoming fashion designer! Her name is Kelsey Linnartz. Her designs are fun, colorful and she too is very detailed. Right now she is headed to New York for an internship with a big fashion designer, Badgley Mischka. My darlings please check out her Instagram page @kelseylinnartzdesigns, as well as her website, . I have been wanting THE jacket that she designed a while back with the eyes in the back for a cute minute, all the stuff in the men’s collection and some other stuff too cause girl has talent. Don’t forget to read about what inspires her as well.

Aight, next we got the MUA herself that will color you beautiful, shortie goes by the name Bernice and she is worth every penny! Check out her work on her Instagram page, her username is @Beat_by_Bern and check out her channel on YouTube-Nicia K –for “how-to”s”. Additionally, she does Make-Up Mondays on her IG channel so keep an eye out for that as well. Lastly, according to her twitter homegirl has something cooking for August so I can’t wait to see what she has for us!

Braiding hair, coloring hair, styling hair and all the et ceteras that come with doing hair can be seen as art. At least to me so of course so I have to shout out my girl Chanel and her hustle. If you are looking for some to braid your hair, she the one to call. She uses a special method to ensure that your hair will be protected and has really good prices! She braids both men and women of all ages. Personally, I love the braids she does for her bestie Erika. They are box braids and the length is ridiculous but in a high fashion type of way! Legit a girl is driving from Dallas to Austin to get her hair done by Chanel. So y’all book her! Her username on Instagram is @jvst_chanel and you can find her on twitter with the same username!


Young Kevo from the H with the uncombed fade. The dude. So the first time I met the guy he was so open and confident about pubbing his music and secretly I was like ” I really hope this guy can flow for all the talk he is splitting” and I was high key surprised when he did. The man is mad goofy so yeah I was shook but at the end of the listening to a few songs, I could hear the passion in his flow. He also has the talent so he is only gonna get better. Personally can’t wait to see why this road will take him. Check my boy out on sound cloud . Also just wanted to type out a quick shoutout to the whole 806 MOSHPIT. All super talneted and fun. Kay…let’s move on.

Next up we got Seun Adebanjo for the people that love to worship the Lord. First time I heard him was during Speaker Box which is a poetry night where guys perform poems, sing songs, act, etc. I remember the room being mesmerized by his voice. Darlings, the man can SANG. He came out with his first Christian/Gospel album which is available on all platforms. Y’all go check it out, his album is called Vessel. My favorite song on the album is Earth Tremble. Find out yours!

Special Shoutout:

Shout out my girl boss Ayo! She created her own bendable hanger company! Her company is called Hangio. The discipline, creativity, and intelligence of this woman is beyond incredible. If you ever have questions about starting your own project that’s on the business side hit her up on Instagram. Please check her brand, to keep up with what coming up next on Hangio’s Instagram page and it’s website. Also when the time comes to shop, chose  Hangio. IG: @shophangio  Website:

Aesthetic Favorites:

Okay, these are my aesthetic favorites, basically my favorite Instagram pages, and people that I want to win so bad! Let’s get into it.

My favorite male models right now are Ifreke Inyang and Tatenda Simango. Again I don’t know who may be reading this but if you are looking for male models that are hardworking, take direction well and are just flat out beautiful, hire the homies. Ifreke can be reached on Instagram with his username @officialinyang and his website is and you can reach Tatenda on Instagram using the username: @africanboy_16 on Instagram. Also if you are looking for male models to walk a show, they also have experience in that department as well! I really want to see them in Paris one day. Or on the cover of a huge magazine. 

Its no secret that I am a fan of Instagram and I appreciate a good feed so these are some of my favorites! First, we have my fellow Ugandan Queen Ashley! She is such a light and her posts always make me smile, plus homie is always traveling so I get to see the world through her beautiful eyes so yeah she is a fav! IG:@a_wass  Next we have Itoro Daniel who is a little of everything! She is a traveler, a photographer, a philanthropist, and a queen. She too is a traveler so check out her work and her travel in her highlight section on her Instagram page. IG: @itoroace. Then we have Amma Owusu! Traveler (do you see a trend), my go-to companion when I am craving Indian food and any food general and future nurse! Y’all her feed on IG is so beautiful to me and she is so photogenic. And she has also done some modeling too! Plus she is super sweet. So check her out on Instagram @amma_bee_there.   Next, we have my lovely darling Dara. Her creative soul should be treasured. She is a photographer, stylist, and a great model! IG: @darafadel  Finally, lemme introduce you, Mandy McKamie. Her feed to me is goals. The color scheme, the way she takes her photos,s she too travels etc! Lowkey would love if she had a blog of her own. I am absolutely in love with her page and a fan so please go check her out! IG: @mandymckamie

To be honest, that’s only half of my awesomely talented friends. All my homies are talented in some type of way but if I were to shoutout everyone, I would need to write a book. The main point is, y’all support your friends. If that is showing up to their showcases, subscribing to their page(s), sharing their platform, giving them advice, paying full prices for their services, etc. Just show up and show out. With that said, send that text of encouragement to your friend right now. Show that you believe in them and what they are trying to do. Also, words are cute and all but make sure your actions reflect those words as well!

Until the next time my darlings,







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